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“Only science can see.”

For the Cleaning Industry Research Institute (CIRI) it is just that simple. CIRI’s strong belief in this credo represents a major shift in how the cleaning industry views the future. It also emphasizes the need for high performance cleaning for health, hygiene and appearance. Evidence shows that cleaning service personnel — no matter how well trained — cannot determine a surface’s cleanliness simply by visually inspecting it. Only science-based cleaning standards can make that determination and CIRI hopes to lead the way in establishing those standards. The Institute is laying the groundwork for developing the basic science for measuring and establishing methods for quantifying clean. A task force has been appointed to assist in these endeavors.

What People Say

What CIRI members and industry leaders say about CIRI's impact in the industry

Steve Spivak Head Shot 2021

Steve Spivak, PhD, CIRI Science Advisory Chair, Professor Emeritus, Fire Protection Engineering, University of Maryland

I have been on the front lines of Cleaning Science, research driven – cleaning for health and hygiene. And it is CIRI – the unique Cleaning Industry Research Inst. – who for over a decade have led the real way forward. No hype, no bluster, no fluff – just the real science & truth. Our byline = “Only Science Can See” and “Show us your science & data,” not merely claims.
Patrick Dorgan

Patrick Dorgan

I joined CIRI to get expert technical insight from seasoned professionals. We need to know concerns so we can together look for solutions. Shared information is an asset to any organization

Official – downsized – Adam Jankowski

Adam Jankowski

Membership is extremely good value for money given the technical membership. If you enjoy the on-line technical webinars the savings as a member over the year should cover the cost of membership. On that alone, it’s a no brainer especially if you are in a management or leadership role.
Pete Consigli_headshot – Pete Consigli

Pete Consigli, CR, WLS

I think it is essential for the industry to get credibility with the stakeholders it serves or bears the burden of the expense for the cleaning, restoration and remediation of buildings and its contents should be validated by an independent science based entity. Special interests and political agendas in other not-for-profit industry groups I support, are often incapable of objectivity. I joined CIRI, as only science can see through and hopefully unmask longstanding and ineffective industry myths!
Michael Pinto

Michael Pinto

The Cleaning Industry Research Institute was the only organization really dedicated to understanding the science that can lead the process of “cleaning for health”. Wonder Makers was originally attracted by CIRI because of the work that they were doing in order to help schools become safer for the occupants through better cleaning.

Zlotnik head shot cropped copy (1)

Cliff Zlotnik

CIRI is the place where academics and practitioners share valuable information and research. CIRI appreciates and is receptive of simpler scientific research. The strong connection between research to practice.

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