Successful CIRI Conference Focuses on Cleaning Science and Health

Albany, NY – (Oct 13, 2008) – The Cleaning Industry Research Institute (CIRI) recently hosted its 2008 Cleaning Science Conference and Symposium — "Cleaning Science and Health . . . Making the Connection" at the University of Maryland campus.

Over 130 representatives from all areas of cleaning science, government, healthcare, academia, manufacturing, building service contractors, facility service providers and measurement technologies participated in the three-day event.

"We were thrilled with this year’s response. The event was successful in raising awareness of the importance of cleaning through scientific research," noted Jim Harris, Sr., CIRI chairman. "CIRI’s unique venue allowed participants to learn about the latest information and trends in cleaning science, disease transmission and mitigation research, new cleaning methods and their impact on health, hygiene and the environment."

John Banta of Restoration Consultants in Sacramento, CA, was both a program presenter and participant. "After completing the CIRI conference I am so excited about this organization. Cleaning is such an important part of what we do to help maintain our built environment. I urge everyone to take a look at CIRI and what it is doing and get involved."

Attendee David Kiser of the Association of Residential Cleaning Services International and a cleaning business owner had this to say. "CIRI is taking the cleaning industry to a whole new level by incorporating science and the process of cleaning. It is disseminating that information to the industry in such a manner that it is changing the way people think about cleaning from manufacturers to contractors to distributors of jan/san products. We appreciate and applaud that effort and we want to encourage support from all stakeholders involved in the world of cleaning."

This year’s program showcased original studies and conceptual papers related to cleaning, science and health and those that explored methods for measuring and quantifying the effects of cleaning on health.

Topics addressed included, among others:

  • Floor Wars: Defense Against Dark Corners – Hospitals, MRSA and Cleaning Issues
  • Disinfection and the Prevention of Infectious Disease
  • Measurement of Cleaning Effectiveness 2008
  • A Study of Various Cleaning Methods to Improve Hygiene in Elementary Schools
  • Only Science Can See: Measurements and Clean Standards for Schools K-12 (with ISSA)
  • Assessment of Risks from Pathogens in Vacuum Cleaners
  • Bacterial Amplification from In-Place Carpet Drying
  • Elements of a Strategic Plan and Assessment for Value Added [Healthy] Cleaning Services

All symposium presentations were professionally videotaped and are available for sale on DVD. Order directly from CIRI or see information on its website. DVD videos of the 2007 symposium, "The State of Cleaning Science," also are for sale. Each set of recordings features the actual lecture, the speaker’s full Power Point presentation and their biography. CIRI’s mission is to raise awareness regarding the importance of cleaning through scientific research. Its goal is to expand on existing research, help its members be more effective, improve the public’s understanding of the importance of cleaning and influence the development of public policy.