Research Institute Takes Position On Green Cleaning

Albany, NY – (July 26, 2006) – The Board of Directors of the Cleaning Industry Research Institute (CIRI) today issued a formal policy on the important area of green cleaning.

"We commend the advocates of green cleaning for what they have done for our industry," noted Jim Harris, CIRI Chairman of the Board. "However, we are concerned that there are times when decisions are made to go ‘green’ that can have an impact on the actual cleaning process, resulting in a less healthy environment. The goal of CIRI is to place cleaning practices on a solid scientific basis, and then work with organizations like Green Seal or Design for the Environment to ensure that the green practices they recommend continue to provide effective cleaning and sanitization."

The CIRI policy states: The Board of Directors of the Cleaning Industry Research Institute (CIRI) recognizes the momentum and importance increasingly being given to eco-sensitive or environmentally friendly aspects of cleaning and restoration, commonly referred to as ‘green cleaning’. We are closely following this trend and in consort with our newly established Science Advisory Council, will be studying the science and technology that underpins green cleaning.

There are, however, additional issues of equal importance upon which CIRI will ultimately base its decisions. First, it is imperative that the focus be on ‘cleaning green’, that is cleaning first, cleaning for health and hygiene, as well as cleaning in a more environmentally friendly manner. The mission of CIRI is to identify sound, scientifically valid knowledge that promotes cleaning. We recognize that some approaches to green cleaning may result in compromises to actual cleaning performance and efficacy as a consequence of environmental considerations.

It is the policy of CIRI to assure that all aspects of cleaning and environmental science become an integral and cost effective driver in deciding what is acceptable for eco-friendly cleaning and restoration.

Toward that end, CIRI reiterates that the emphasis must be on cleaning first and then green; that is, cleaning safely and effectively as well as being environmentally sound. We look to our members and to CIRI’s Science Advisory Council for guidance on this important issue for our collective industries.