Recap – 2016 IICRC/CIRI Conference and Symposium

By any measure (100+ attendance, participant survey response, etc.), the IICRC/CIRI Restoration Technical Conference and Science Symposium held April 10-11 2016 at Georgia Tech in Atlanta was a great success. Participants heard results of new research on cleaning and restoration science, including:


  • Results from continuing work on ATP as a measure of cleanliness and contamination (Richard Shaughnessy; Greg Whiteley)
  • The results of research on detergent-free cleaning technology from electrolysis (Russ Pylkki, Tennant Company)


There were also wide-ranging panel discussions on experience with the ISSA Clean Standards and future trends in cleaning and restoration science.


For a more detailed review of the conference, take a look at The Journal of Cleaning, Restoration and Inspection (June 2016 issue). And, if you missed the 2016 conference/symposium, check out the following for another great IICRC technical conference in 2017:


The Summit at Lone Mountain
Leaders Building the Science of Cleaning, Restoration & Inspection
August 9-11, at Big Sky, Montana


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