ISSA & Kaivac Commit $100,000 To Cleaning Research

Albany, NY – (April 27, 2006) – ISSA and Kaivac, Inc. today announced that they have each committed $50,000 to the Cleaning Industry Research Institute. The money will help underwrite CIRI’s Scientific Advisory Council, a permanent committee chartered with providing expert guidance, advice, and analysis on principles, concepts and research related to cleaning science.

“CIRI will give us a greater understanding of the science behind what we do,” Bob Robinson, CEO of Kaivac, said. “If we’re going to achieve a future where the cleaning industry is recognized for its impact on people’s health, we need to have science verification. We all need to participate in the science; and I believe that CIRI is the right organization, with the right people, to get the job done.”

“ISSA is all about building alliances, and I can’t think of a better one than CIRI,” stated Bobby Cohen, ISSA President. “Our industry is evolving quickly from a focus on machines and chemicals to health. We need empirical data to be sure we’re doing the right things, and the Scientific Advisory Council will help us get that data.”

“ISSA wants to improve the performance and image of the cleaning industry,” John Garfinkel, ISSA Executive Director, said. “That’s why we joined CIRI last fall, and it’s also why our board voted unanimously to underwrite the Council. We believe that CIRI’s work will benefit everyone by demonstrating the value of cleaning in creating healthier, safer buildings. It will give us the facts, rather than just perceptions.”

The Scientific Advisory Council is headed by Dr. Michael Berry, author of Protecting the Built Environment: Cleaning for Health. “It is our firm conviction that if the cleaning and related industries are to be recognized for their full value and contributions, a basis in science and research is necessary to bring out facts and establish credibility, “ Berry stated. “There is a significant amount of scientific knowledge and research information related to cleaning and its effectiveness that has not been assembled, assessed, or applied.”

The Council’s primary objectives for 2006/2007 are to properly define "cleaning", identify the objectives and reasons for cleaning, and highlight their importance and value; assemble and examine the most relevant science-based cleaning information; conduct a workshop and prepare a comprehensive assessment "State of Cleaning Science" for industry review and publication.

“Kaivac and ISSA’s generous support allow us to initiate our research activities,” stated Jim Harris, CIRI Chairman of the Board. “We still need to raise additional funds, more than $500,000 over the next two years, but we know that having the commitment and endorsement of these two great organizations will make our task easier.”