Internationally Renowned Microbiologist to Open CIRI’s 2008 Cleaning Science and Health Symposium

Washington, DC – (April 7, 2008) – Floor Wars: Defense Against Dark Corners and Hospital-Acquired Infections, such as MRSA, will be the subject of Dr. Stephanie Dancer’s keynote address at the 2008 Cleaning Science and Health Symposium at the University of Maryland, June 10-12, 2008. The symposium, the Cleaning Industry Research Institute’s (CIRI) major annual event, will begin with an evening reception on June 9. Dr. Dancer’s remarks will kick off the program on June 10.

Dr. Dancer, a native of Glasgow, Scotland, is renowned for her work on communicable diseases, including MRSA-HA and hospital-acquired illness (HAI), specifically the role of cleaning. Her presentation will examine possible links between poor hygiene and current cleaning practices in hospitals with the presence of methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA), vancomycin-resistant enterococci (VRE), norovirus and other pathogens. This vital and timely topic will appeal to cleaning specialists, technical and research personnel, service contractors and facility care providers.

"Dr. Dancer’s presentation will reinforce CIRI’s view that "Only science can see," said Jim Harris, Sr., of Concepts4 Cleaning Consultants and CIRI chairman. "According to her abstract, "Visual assessment is no longer acceptable for grading hygiene . . . Locating the site of potential pathogens is an area that requires further work. Prioritizing the cleaning of floors and toilets is not necessarily the answer to controlling hospital-acquired infection (HAI). Pathogens are delivered to patients on hands, and … prioritizing hand-touch sites might be more appropriate to consider when directing cleaning schedules.""

Dr. Dancer is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Pathology and editor of the Journal of Hospital Infection. She has served the United Kingdom and Scotland in various capacities, including inaugural microbiologist for Health Scotland and as infections control officer for Argyll and National Health Service hospitals. An internationally experienced researcher, Dr. Dancer is a consulting microbiologist balancing clinical and editorial duties with research projects on the control of MRSA and the role of cleaning. Her research addresses hygiene, how hospital cleaning practices may become more effective and pathogens "hidden in dark corners."

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The CIRI 2008 symposium schedule is as follows:

June 9, Monday: Welcome Reception 6-8PM
June 10, Tuesday: Symposium 8AM-5PM
June 11, Wednesday: Symposium 8AM-5PM
June 12, Thursday: Symposium 8AM-Noon

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