Cleaning Industry Research Institute Tops Fund Raising Goal

Albany, NY (May 17, 2005) – A dozen major corporate and trade association sponsors have successfully underwritten the creation of the new Cleaning Industry Research Institute (CIRI).

“At our initial meeting at ISSA last November,” Jim Harris, CIRI’s interim Chairman stated, “we set a goal of $40,000 to fund the creation of the organization, including its vision, mission, goals and bylaws.”

This funding was needed to allow the new organization to hire the staff necessary to guide it through the development process. Since that meeting, twelve companies have become Founding Sponsors, including (in alphabetical order):

    * Carpet & Rug Institute
    * Castle Rock Industries
    * Cleaning Management Institute
    * Concepts IV
    * JohnsonDiversey
    * Kaivac

    * Novozymes Biologicals
    * P&G Pro Line
    * PortionPac Chemicals
    * ProTeam
    * Shaw Industries
    * Tennant Company

“With the generous contribution of these founding sponsors, we have exceeded our initial financial goal,” stated Frank Wiley, interim Executive Director. “Not only did we get the funding necessary to get through the creation process, which will culminate with our second Steering Committee meeting in June, but we have almost all the money we need to allow us to launch CIRI to the industry at large in the fall.”

At the initial meeting of the Steering Committee in March of this year, three sub-committees were established to create CIRI’s Vision and Mission, first year goals and budget, and organizational bylaws.

“The Vision & Mission work is completed,” Wiley said. “The Goals & Budget committee is in the process of prioritizing the first year’s goals; and in the next few weeks, the Bylaws committee will begin creation of a formal bylaws document. So, the process is moving forward as expected. However, it would not have been possible without the generous support of our Founding Sponsors.”