CIRI Offers Full 2007 Cleaning Science Symposium Videos

Albany, NY – (April 21, 2008) – The Cleaning Industry Research Institute (CIRI) today announced the availability of DVD videos of its 2007 symposium program, "The State of Cleaning Science." Each set of recordings feature the actual conference lectures, a printout of each speaker’s PowerPoint presentation and their biography.

"This offer is ideal for anyone who was unable to attend our 2007 event, for those interested in a "refresher course" or individuals who would like a glimpse into CIRI’s 2008 symposium, "Cleaning Science and Health: Make the Connection," noted Jim Harris, Sr., CIRI president. "These videos also provide a unique opportunity for the jan san and cleaning industries to view any or all of the fundamental cleaning science and research papers."

The 2007 video list includes:

  • "The Science of Cleaning," Dr. Michael Berry
  • "Cleaning and Special Environments," Dr. Eugene Cole
  • "Microbial Risk Reduction," Dr. Elizabeth Scott
  • "Chemistry of Cleaning," Dr. Marilyn Black
  • "Testing of Cleaning Technology," Carey Mitchell
  • "Benefits of Cleaning," Dr. Michael Berry
  • "Measurement of Cleaning Effectiveness," Dr. Eugene Cole
  • "Cleaning Products Impact on Indoor Air Quality," Dr. Daniel Daggett
  • "Evaluating Cross Contamination of Mops," Dr. Elizabeth Scott
  • "Comparing Cleaning Methods in Restrooms," John Richter
  • "Green Cleaning: A Multifaceted Approach," Dr. Steven Spivak

The full set of recordings can be purchased from CIRI at a cost of $295, which includes shipping and handling. Orders may be placed by calling 1.888.285.2474. Individual videos also are available for download. There is a $25 charge for a digital rights management (DRM) license that allows unlimited viewing for 30 days. Once a license is purchased the videotape can be downloaded or viewed by streamlining over the Internet. Payments may be made with a major credit card or an existing PayPal account. All videos use digital rights management (DRM) and require Microsoft Windows, Windows Media Player and DRM support.

The 2008 symposium will be held at the University of Maryland on June 9-12. CIRI recently announced a one-day registration fee of $295 and a $100 discount on its registration fee for those who sign up by May 23. In addition, this year CIRI’s symposium has been approved by the IICRC for two continuing education credits (CEC) in the cleaning and restoration category or one credit in the mold category. For non-IICRC attendees, the University of Maryland will grant and certify up to two CECs for attendance at an additional charge of $15.50 per applicant interested in the University’s certification.