CIRI Announces Changes in Membership Dues

Albany, NY – (March 2, 2009) – The Cleaning Industry Research Institute (CIRI) today announced it is changing its membership dues structure. These changes are related to CIRI’s anticipated acquisition of — and merger with — the Kaiscience Web site currently owned and operated by Kaivac, Inc.

"This unified Web presence will foster a greater global awareness for CIRI," said Jim Harris Sr., CIRI chairman. "In conjunction with that, our new dues structure has been designed to create a working partnership with cleaning industry associations while providing a high value at a fair price to industry members."

Effective in 2009, CIRI members will be eligible to receive a 10 percent reduction in their dues if they also are a member of a CIRI member association. In addition, CIRI will remit 20 percent of dues to the member’s designated association, with CIRI retaining the balance.

"We believe this will encourage membership for the highest population segments, in-house service providers and small building service contractors who have been nearly absent from CIRI’s membership roster in the past," explained Harris.

"The proposed structure also will reward industry associations for joining and promoting CIRI to their members. Hopefully, this arrangement can increase CIRI membership into the thousands. Large industry participation would generate revenue to help us fulfill our mission of promoting the importance of cleaning science to the industry and the public."

CIRI is a 501.c.3 not-for-profit scientific, educational and research institute recognized for its groundbreaking cleaning science and research programs. Its mission is to raise awareness regarding the importance of cleaning while expanding on existing research, helping its members be more effective, improving the public’s understanding of the importance of cleaning and informing the development of public policy.


With an all-new Web site and its members’ active participation, CIRI membership provides:

  • access rights to cutting-edge information on cleaning science, health and the environment;
  • both public and "members only" detailed information on its new Web site,;
  • a first look into findings from innovative research and scientific investigations;
  • validating science and technology industry claims;
  • advantages in garnering business intelligence and competitiveness on cleaning for health, cleaning green and sustainable new advances in cleaning technology;
  • discounts on CIRI’s educational products, videos and international research symposium; and
  • an opportunity to build empowering relationships with a voice and influence over the future of cleaning science and technology.

For more information on the benefits of CIRI membership call toll-free (continental USA) 888.285.2474; fax to (518) 456-6445. CIRI’s membership application with membership dues information is available on the Web site.


Contact: Jim Harris, Sr, President/CEO, 888.285.2474