2008 Cleaning Science Symposium Issues Call For Papers

Albany, NY – (June 26, 2007) – The Cleaning Industry Research Institute (CIRI) today issued a call for papers to be presented at its Second Annual Conference & Science Symposium scheduled for June 9 – 12, 2008 (June 9 arrival and evening reception followed by 2.5 conference days). This year’s Symposium, entitled "Cleaning & Health – Making the Connection", will be held in the Washington, DC area.

"A primary goal of our second conference is to increase the level of knowledge in the cleaning profession regarding research results and examples that show the connection between effective cleaning and improved health and wellbeing," noted Dr. Thomas Jones, an associate professor at UNLV and CIRI Board Member who will act as editor of the Conference proceedings. "All original studies and conceptual papers related to cleaning, science and health are invited, and particular consideration will be given to those papers that address methods to measure and quantify the effects of cleaning on health."

Three types of submissions will be considered:

Conceptually-based papers that seek to develop a fuller understanding of cleaning science by building on existing knowledge. For example, a conceptual model explains facts or events in a way that increases understanding; this should be more than a basic introduction to a topic. The structure of a conceptual paper includes: (1) a description of the topic and extensive review of previously published work; (2) unique treatment, analysis, or critique of the current state of knowledge on the topic; and (3) implications for cleaning, science and health.

Empirically-based papers are original research to test or develop a theory or make a new contribution to the knowledge base of the field. An empirical paper contains evidence of primary research and typically includes: (1) background information, explanation of major concepts, importance of testable research questions, and an appropriate review of previous research; (2) description of methodology that includes research design, instrumentation, data collecting procedures, and data analysis; and (3) discussion of results of the investigation with implications for the advancement of cleaning, science and health.

Poster Sessions may be used to present works in progress and may be conceptually or empirically-based. The Poster Session paper includes: (1) significance of the study; (2) literature review; (3) proposed methodology; and (4) application to cleaning science.


   1. Authors wishing to have papers reviewed for this conference are asked to submit an abstract (3 page maximum) electronically to the editor by email by February 15, 2008.
   2. The editor and board of review will advise on the suitability of the paper and provide feedback to authors.
   3. Once invited, one copy of the entire paper should be submitted for peer review. The paper should use American Psychological Association (APA) style guidelines and should be in excellent grammatical form at this time.
   4. Authors will be notified of the review outcome and, where appropriate, of the need for revisions.
   5. Final revisions will need to be submitted in time for publication in the conference agenda and proceedings.
   6. At least one author of an article must agree to be in attendance at the conference in order to present the paper.

Direct all inquiries and correspondence to:  Thomas J.A. Jones, Ed.D., Associate Professor, Dept. of Hotel Management, W.F. Harrah College of Hotel Administration, University of Nevada, Las Vegas, 4505 Maryland Parkway, Las Vegas, NV 89154-6021, or by email.