Update on the Clean Standard: K-12

CIRI and ISSA are pleased to provide the following update on the development of the Clean Standard:  K-12, and to inform interested persons of the next steps in this process.  
Update on the Clean Standard Development Process
1.  Bill Balek of ISSA and Steve Spivak of CIRI thank all of those who submitted comments on the Draft Outline of the Clean Standard.  ISSA received numerous constructive comments and much feedback from both the Development Committee and the Stakeholder Committee.  All of the comments and prepared responses have been reviewed and posted to www.issa.com/cleanstd.  If you would like to read the comments and responses, scroll down to the bottom of the ISSA page, and click on “Comments on Draft Outline” under the header “Drafts”.
2.  The next Iteration of the Draft Clean Standard:  K-12.  ISSA and CIRI  are now in the process of preparing the next iteration of the Clean Standard:  K-12 for consideration based on the comments and other feedback received on the Draft Outline.  Due to the volume of comments received, this process is taking a little longer than anticipated.  
Nonetheless, the goal is to:
•         Complete the next draft within the next several weeks;
•         Circulate it to members of the Development and Stakeholder Committees;
•         Conduct a webinar in late Sept./early Oct. 2012 to review and explain the draft; and
•         Provide an additional period of time for written comments on the same subject.  
3.  New Members of Development and Stakeholder Committees.  Since the development process was initiated, several members have been added to the Development and Stakeholder Committees including representatives from the Minnesota Department of Health, the National Education Association Health Information Network (NEA HIN), the Indiana State Teachers Association, Ecoform, Green Seal, National School Plant Management Association (NSPMA) and Process Cleaning for Healthy Schools (PC4HS).  In addition, EPA Tools for Schools has agreed to act as a reviewer of the draft Clean Standard. These additions supplement the already robust representation from the educational, environmental and health communities, and otherwise have added balance to the Development and Stakeholder Committees’ representation.  
If you have any questions, please direct them to Bill Balek, ISSA, [email protected], 800.225.4772.