Estimated Impact of Influenza Pandemics

1918-19 Spanish Flu (H1N1)
• 20-50 million deaths worldwide
• >500,000 U.S. deaths

1957-58 Asian Flu (H2N2)
• 70,000 U.S. deaths


1968-69 Hong Kong Flu (H3N2)
• 34,000 U.S. deaths

Estimated Impact of a Future Avian Influenza Pandemic in the U.S.

  • Deaths: 89,000 – 207,000
  • Hospitalizations: 314,000 – 734,000
  • Outpatient visits: 18 – 42 million
  • Additional illnesses: 20 – 47 million
  • Economic impact: $71.3 – 166.5 billion
  • Population affected: 15-35% (U.S. population: 290 million)

Meltzer M, et al. Emerging Infectious Diseases 1999;5:659-671


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