P&G Professional and Tennant Pledge $100,000 To Cleaning Research

Albany, NY – (May 24, 2006) – Procter & Gamble Professional (NYSE: PG) and Tennant Company (NYSE: TNC) today announced that they have each pledged $50,000 to the Cleaning Industry Research Institute (CIRI), joining ISSA and Kaivac.  The money will underwrite CIRI’s Scientific Advisory Council, a permanent committee that provides guidance, advice, and analysis on principles, concepts and research related to cleaning science.

Both P&G Professional and Tennant have been involved with CIRI since the Institute was conceived in 2004.  “As a manufacturer of P&G Pro Line, a complete line of janitorial and sanitation products designed to increase productivity, Procter & Gamble Professional knows the importance of a well-cleaned facility. We also know the importance of cleaning in maintaining a healthy indoor environment,” noted Craig Monsell, Janitorial Marketing Manager for P&G.  “That’s why we’re a founding sponsor to one of the CIRI’s most important initiatives, the Scientific Advisory Council. This council will help generate the type of scientific research that will give cleaning professionals credibility for the value they provide to their organizations and their society.”

Charlie Smith, Marketing Research Manager for Tennant, agreed.  “We’ve always felt that cleaning doesn’t receive the attention it deserves from those who control the funding and allocation of resources.  In fact, a few years ago, we considered starting an organization like CIRI, but realized Tennant couldn’t do it alone.  It needs to be an industry-wide initiative, which is what CIRI is doing, and we’re proud to be one of the initial underwriters for this effort.”

“The Scientific Advisory Council is a big first step in meeting CIRI’s mission of raising awareness of the value of cleaning,” Monsell said.  “We believe that all serious industry participants need to step up and help contribute to this work.”

“Making a cleaner, safer world is part of Tennant’s vision,” Smith concluded.  “The Scientific Advisory Council will provide an unbiased way of getting cleaning on a strong scientific foundation.”

The Scientific Advisory Council is headed by Dr. Michael Berry, author of Protecting the Built Environment: Cleaning for Health.  “These contributions from P&G and Tennant will help us implement the objectives of the Council,” Berry said.  “It’s important we get started quickly.  Decisions affecting the entire industry – such as the proposed green cleaning standards for the state of New York – are moving forward without having as strong a basis in science as they need.”

The Council’s primary objectives for 2006/2007 are to properly define "cleaning," identify the objectives and reasons for cleaning, and highlight their importance and value; assemble and examine the most relevant science-based cleaning information; conduct a workshop and prepare a comprehensive "State of Cleaning Science" assessment for industry review and publication.

“We’re thrilled to have P&G Professional and Tennant Company join Kaivac and ISSA as underwriters,” stated Jim Harris, CIRI Chairman of the Board.  “The participation of major organizations such as these will help others in the industry recognize the importance of CIRI and agree to step forward and help.”