Dr. Michael Berry Heads Scientific Advisory Council Develops 2006 Program Plan

Albany, NY – (February 3, 2006) – Dr. Michael Berry, author of Protecting the Built Environment: Cleaning for Health, has agreed to serve as executive director of CIRI’s Scientific Advisory Council. In his new role, Berry created a detailed program plan for the Council’s activities in 2006.

“We’re thrilled to have Dr. Berry lead our Advisory Council,” stated Jim Harris, CIRI’s Chairman of the Board. “CIRI’s mission is to raise awareness of the importance of cleaning through scientific research, and the Council is the group that will oversee that charter. We’re the cleaning industry’s only organization to have a bona fide scientific advisory council of this sort.”

According to Dr. Berry’s plan, the goals for the Advisory Council in 2006 include:

  • Establishing a cleaning science research and analysis framework that will help define “what is clean?”
  • Creating a cleaning science information database on the CIRI website (www.ciri-research.org) to catalog existing research
  • Conducting a summer workshop to prepare a comprehensive "State of Cleaning Science" report for industry review and publication.
  • Preparing and presenting a three-year strategic information collection and research plan.

“The cleaning industry needs to get serious about recognizing and supporting science,” Dr. Berry noted. “As we look to set standards in terms of cleaning efficacy, green cleaning and more, those standards must be based on solid scientific research.”

Ultimately, the Scientific Advisory Council will have five members, each serving three-year terms. In addition, CIRI will look to its member organizations for researchers and scientists who can serve as adjunct advisors to the Council, to help with identifying and quantifying the research that has been, or needs to be, done.

“The Scientific Advisory Council is an ambitious – and expensive – undertaking,” noted Frank Wiley, CIRI’s Executive Director. “We anticipate that it will cost nearly $250,000 per year to support the Council and its activities. So, we’ll be looking for help from our members and others in the industry in terms of underwriting this vitally important activity. But, we’re confident that the work of the Council will place our industry on a strong scientific footing, and make people more aware of the value that we provide in terms of cleaner, safer, healthier indoor environments.”