CIRI Offers Full 2008 Cleaning Science Symposium Videos

Albany, NY – (October 21, 2008) – The Cleaning Industry Research Institute (CIRI) today announced the availability of the collection of DVD videos of its 2008 symposium program, "Cleaning Science and Health … Making the Connection." Each set of recordings features the actual conference lectures, a printout of the speakers’ PowerPoint presentation and their biography.

"This is a must-have reference for anyone concerned about the future of the cleaning industry and cleaning for health," noted Jim Harris, Sr., CIRI chairman. "Owning this complete video collection of presentations offers easy access to advanced industry information that has been compiled by internationally recognized researchers. That research can then be used in developing new products and cleaning techniques."

The 2008 video list includes:

  • "Floor Wars: Defense Against Dark Corners," Dr. Stephanie Dancer
  • "Disinfection and the Prevention of Infectious Disease," Rhonda Jones
  • "Assessment of Risks from Pathogens in Vacuum Cleaners," Dr. Charles Gerba
  • "The Application of Dry Steam Vapor and Microfiber Textile Technologies in Patient Protection and Healthcare Environments,"  Michael Rollins
  • "Measurement of Cleaning Effectiveness 2008," Dr. Eugene Cole
  • "Elements of a Strategic Plan and Assessment for Value Added [Healthy] Cleaning Services," Dr. Tee Guidotti
  • "Application of Risk Assessment to Set Cleaning Goals for Norovirus," Dr. Charles Gerba
  • "A Comparative Study of Various Cleaning Methods to Improve Hygiene in Elementary Schools," John Richter and Tom Morrison
  • "The Science of Electrolyzed Water and Its Performance in Automatic Scrubbers," Mark Cisay and Patrick J. Gronlund
  • "A Comprehensive Process to Objectively Measure Soil Accumulation in Carpet Using Colorimetric Analysis," Richard E. Whittaker and Joseph Bshero
  • "Bacterial Amplification from In-place Carpet Drying," John Banta and James Holland
  • "Inactivation of Mold Spores in Carpet Using Steam Vapor," Dr. Roger Lewis and Kee Hean Ong
  • "Using Health Science to Protect Vulnerable Populations," Mary Swanson
  • "Only Science Can See: Measurements and Clean Standards for Schools K-12," CIRI Science Advisory Council Members and Dr. Eugene Cole
  • "Cleaning Science, Health and Disease Transmission," "Sustainable Design and High Performance Cleaning: What Issues Next?" and "Where Do We and CIRI Go from Here?," CIRI Science Advisory Council Panel

"This video archive has a wide range of appeal. It is a valuable resource for service providers, manufacturers, distributors, consultants, trade associations and educational facilities as well as industrial hygienists, the hospitality and travel industries, medical and architectural communities and building developers," explained Dr. Steven Spivak, chairman of CIRI’s Science Advisory Council and symposium moderator.

Joe Arrigo of Arrigo Construction and Restoration in Colorado participated in the program. "This CIRI conference was a first step in bringing science to multiple industries. Attendees also were given the tools to prove that our homes and businesses can be healthier through proper cleaning techniques."

Attendee Michael Rollins, an environmental health consultant in the UK, had this to say. "The symposium was about sharing from the ground up by those who are out there on the floor. It was not only about the science and research in our laboratories but also about sharing experiences and learning from our colleagues, who are actively delivering the health care and cleaning services."

The full set of recordings can be purchased from CIRI at a cost of $249 ($199 for seminar attendees), which includes shipping and handling. In addition, DVD videos of CIRI’s 2007 symposium, "The State of Cleaning Science," are for sale. Order directly from CIRI by calling 1.888.285.2474 or visit our Web site for ordering information.

CIRI’s mission is to raise awareness regarding the importance of cleaning through scientific research. Its goal is to expand on existing research, help its members be more effective, improve the public’s understanding of the importance of cleaning and influence the development of public policy.


Contact: Jim Harris, Sr, President/CEO, 888.285.2474