CIRI Announces ISSA Clean Standard: K-12 Licensed Training and Certification Program

Albany, NY (February 11, 2014) –  The nonprofit 501c3 Cleaning Industry Research Institute (CIRI) International – – is pleased to be licensed by ISSA as a trainer to help the facilities community and cleaning professionals  implement the ISSA Clean Standard: K-12, the gold standard in validating measurably clean and healthful environments in schools.


After 5 years of research, development and industry review, the ISSA Clean Standard: K-12 was released to the public in October 2013, with a goal to help transform how the world views cleaning.  


CIRI Training and Certification−now underway, with the next class scheduled on February 26th, 2014 in Hamilton OH â??will yield CIRI-Certified professionals versed in all aspects of the ISSA Clean Standard: K-12 who can verify schools are being hygienically cleaned.


“Only science-based cleaning can make that determination,” said Jim Harris, Sr. CIRI Chairman. “CIRI has worked tirelessly with the ISSA and public health experts−through years of meticulous scientific research yielding thousands of data pointsâ??in rigorous investigation that led to a new way to evaluate the effectiveness of cleaning schools—the ISSA Clean Standard: K-12.”


To ensure that the ISSA Clean Standard: K-12 is effectively and consistently implemented, CIRI has developed a Comprehensive Training and Certification program .


CIRI Members will receive a discount on the next career-changing CIRI Training and Certification program on February 26