What is The Journal of Cleaning Science?

The Journal of Cleaning Science (JCS) is the official publication of the Cleaning Industry Research Institute (CIRI), a 501.c.3 nonprofit. It is the only peer-reviewed, technical journal serving the commercial and residential cleaning and disaster restoration industries.

JCS focuses on the scientifically validated underpinnings of cleaning effectiveness. It does this by working with both academic and industry scientists, researchers and practitioners to bring independently validated research and best practices to interested stakeholders. This includes cleaning, disaster restoration and remediation professionals (collectively, practitioners), as well as trainers and teachers of frontline workers.

To ensure the integrity of the papers published in its pages, JCS follows a “blind” peer-review process. (In a blind process, peer reviewers are not told the identity of the author and the author is not told the identities of the peer reviewers.) This (sometimes lengthy) process is critical to ensuring that the information presented is objective and credible. Peer review ensures that the facts are reported fairly and not spun to fit a hidden agenda.

By building this bridge between researchers and practitioners through JCS, CIRI improves the way cleaning and disaster restoration and remediation is practiced. The goal and payoff is creating healthier and safer indoor environments.

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