Krilov Study Shows Health and Fiscal Impacts of Cleaning

According to Stephen Ashkin, the Ashkin Group, and the Pennsylvania Green Building Maintenance Manual:

“Dr. Leonard Krilov with North Shore University Hospital – Cornell University Medical College … conducted [a study] at the Association for Children with Downs Syndrome School in Bellmore, New York [that] looked at the health implications associated with improved cleaning. Rather than just focusing on the dust, VOCs and biologicals, Dr. Krilov tracked the health and attendance impacts after improved cleaning was implemented. The improved cleaning reduced total illnesses by 24%, doctor visits by 34%, courses of antibiotics by 24% and days absent from school by 46%.”

This study showed the major economic implications of an effective cleaning and infection control program.

The program consisted of “regular training for staff, an increased emphasis on hand washing, environmental cleaning and disinfection, and compliance monitoring. A cleaning contractor was also hired to clean all toys three times per week. Infection control practices employed in the year prior to the implementation of the infection control program were used as the comparator.”