Improved Cleaning of Patient Rooms Using a Targeting Method

We developed a new method using an invisible fluorescent marker to target standardized high‐touch surfaces in hospital rooms. Evaluation of 1404 surface objects in 157 rooms in 3 hospitals revealed that 47% of targets had been cleaned. Educational interventions were implemented, leading to sustained improvement in cleaning of all objects and a >2‐fold improvement in cleaning of surfaces previously cleaned <85% of the time.


Full Report

Philip C. Carling – 1,2,3,4
Janet L. Briggs – 1
Jeanette Perkins – 3
Deborah Highlander – 4

1 – Department of Hospital Epidemiology, Carney Hospital, Boston MA

2 – Boston University School of Medicine, Boston MA

3 – Department of Hospital Epidemiology Rehabilitation Hospital of the Cape and Islands, Sandwich MA

4 – Department of Hospital Epidemiology, Quincy Medical Center, Quincy MA

Reprints or Correspondence: Dr. Philip C. Carling, Dept. of Infectious Diseases, Carney Hospital, 2100 Dorchester Ave., Boston, MA 02124 ([email protected]).


Clinical Infectious Diseases 2006;42:385–388
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