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CDC Guidelines for CRE

March 8, 2013

A common reason given for finding environmental contamination with an MDRO was the lack of adherence to facility procedures for cleaning and disinfection.


Mold Prevention Strategies and Possible Health Effects in the Aftermath of Hurricanes and Major Floods

March 14, 2012

Summary Extensive water damage after major hurricanes and floods increases the likelihood of mold contamination in buildings. This report provides information on how to limit exposure to mold and how to identify and prevent mold-related health effects. Where uncertainties in scientific knowledge exist, practical applications …


Guidelines for Environmental Infection Control in Healthcare Facilities – Clostridium difficile

December 29, 2011

Clostridium difficile is the most frequent etiologic agent for health-care–associated diarrhea. In one hospital, 30% of adults who developed health-care–associated diarrhea were positive for C.difficile. One recent study employing PCR-ribotyping techniques demonstrated that cases of C.difiicile-acquired diarrhea occurring in the hospital included patients whose infections …


CDC Provides Guidance for Norovirus Disinfection in Healthcare

May 17, 2011

Executive Summary Norovirus gastroenteritis infections and outbreaks have been increasingly described and reported in both non-healthcare and healthcare settings during the past several years. In response, several states have developed guidelines to assist both healthcare institutions and communities on preventing the transmission of norovirus infections …


CDC Issues Updated Guidance for Norovirus Disinfection

March 13, 2011

The use of chemical disinfectants is one of the key approaches to interrupt norovirus spread from contaminated environmental surfaces. Particular attention should be given to the likely areas of greatest environmental contamination such as bathrooms and high-touch surfaces (e.g., door knobs and hand rails). Sodium …


CDC Provides Options for Evaluating Environmental Cleaning

December 19, 2010

In view of the evidence that transmission of many healthcare acquired pathogens (HAPs) is related to contamination of near-patient surfaces and equipment, all hospitals are encouraged to develop programs to optimize the thoroughness of high touch surface cleaning as part of terminal room cleaning at …